Kind of a weird fairy tale

Kind of a weird fairy tale

(This story is generated by artificial intelligence using OpenAI‘s solution).

“Owl and onions” oil 2018 / 40×30 cm

Once upon a time, in an eternal forest, lived two friends – the strong, armored Owl and onions. Yes, you read it right… O-n-i-o-n-s! A bit of an odd bunch, isn’t it? But that’s what makes this story fun, anything can happen!

The onions were sparkling and colorful, telling all kinds of funny stories about sunny days. Owl, on the other hand, was a somewhat haggard creature with armor, who loved daily rituals and cooing in a sparse spruce.

One day, Owl decided to go on an adventure to find a small bit of humor in its everyday orderly world. He rummaged through the forest, rocks, trees, and bushes, but didn’t find anything interesting. His adventure ended with onions in a bush, which just floated in the air, radiating colors of a rainbow.

“Onions, are you on an adventure?” asked Owl. The onions replied, “No, Owl, we’re just pendulums in a world where it’s always recess, and it consists of laughter.”

For Owl, this was a completely absurd idea and he started to laugh. For the first time in a long time, he laughed so much that his stomach became warm and his eyes began to shine. “Thank you, onions,” Owl roared. “You made my day bright and fun!”

From that day on, every morning, Owl examined the onions in the bush and laughed and laughed until his scales shone in the sun. The moral of this funny story? Well, every day is an adventure if you are open to peculiar and unusual events and life can be full of laughter, if you just let it happen!

And what about the insects? They live on happily, laughing and enjoying the unexpected moments of each day, even if it’s just onions hanging in a rainbow-colored bush… amen.