Ankara 2021

11.10.2021 | The Blog

The family trip to Turkey started with the fact that I had previously participated in international projects on education, employment and culture for people with special needs. I had also given presentations in Tallinn, London and Ankara. As I am trying to be a good example to my Turkish friends decided to invite me and my family to partcipate in the project. The project can be seen here:

So we flew (me, my wife Mari, my son Lucas Nikolas and my mother) on October 2 from Tallinn Airport to Turkey. Since there is no direct flight to Ankara, we landed in Antalya and waited seven hours at the airport for our next flight. The conference/workshop ended on Octber 8 but our flight back to Tallinn was on the morning of the 9th of October so we stayed for another night at the hotel. But still, such multi-flight travel is extremely exhausting.

Everything was organized on the spot in Ankara. We were also able to visit many places by a special bus for people using wheelchairs. The hotel was in the city center, close to Ankara’s largest mosque, which can be reached by walking. Of course, our favorite places were also the shops where cheap goods were sold.

I presented 2 presentations during the workshop on October 5th. Below is one of them.